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Every business, no matter how large or small, operates within a world of policy, regulations, laws, and long-range planning. Businesses and the organizations that represent them have a duty to express their opinions and interests on matters that affect their community.

With over 400 members, the Clayton Chamber of Commerce is uniquely positioned to be a strong advocate for businesses at the local, state, and federal levels of government. The Chamber is committed to promoting and advocating for the interests of our members to help the business community grow and prosper.

The Chamber’s diverse membership includes small businesses, industries, professional firms, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and individuals.  Working closely with these members, the Chamber can help make government more business friendly, and stimulate the economic environment of the area.  The Chamber can build relationships with elected officials from both parties at all levels of government to ensure the voice of the Clayton Area business community is heard loud and clear on a consistent and ongoing basis.

The Clayton Chamber of Commerce assembled a Government Affairs Task Force to develop a set of recommendations that would help the Chamber progress into a more active role of advocating for its members.  This document sets forth those recommendations.  As the Chamber moves forward in implementing the recommendations, the Task Force members will be available to participate in any initial organizational meetings for the proposed committee and to be consulted as advisors when needed.

Government Affairs Committee Purpose

The mission of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce is to be the advocate for business, economic development, and education in Clayton, North Carolina and its surrounding communities.

The purpose of the Government Affairs Committee is to influence our elected officials to establish regulations and policies that will improve the ability of a business to compete in the worldwide economy and continue to generate income and jobs that will help to enhance the Clayton Area.

The committee will be the arm of the Chamber committed to reviewing issues, developing appropriate positions, and supporting actions, that promote a positive, pro-active economic environment and enhance quality of life. Laws and regulations should serve the public without acting as a detriment to business and growth.

The Committee will establish, enhance and foster relationships with government/elected officials and business leaders that impact the business community; share information with members and obtain input from members on key issues that have an impact on business, the Clayton Chamber of Commerce and its community. 

The Clayton Chamber of Commerce will serve as the voice of business in matters of public policy, providing a forum for dialogue on issues affecting the region.  The Government Affairs Committee can provide representation and leadership on issues and projects affecting businesses and members within the Chamber’s service area.

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